What is a braider?

What is a braider?


When we explain what a braider is, we often say, “Please imagine lily yarn.”
Although each string is very thin and weak, we can make it stronger by weaving and braiding it.
This technology is used in many kinds of industrial products.


Braided Products

An electric wire, for example, the cable which electricity goes through is covered around with braided wires.
It makes the cable stronger so it won’t get torn off easily.
In this wise, there are many things that are made with a braider in our daily life.


Osaka Braid Co., Ltd. is a professional group
for braiders that make products essential
for people’s life by weaving and braiding.


We are able to support everything from design to maintenance for braiders.
Since we don’t handle ready-made machines, our business starts from all the voices from manufacturers like, “It would be better this way.”, “We want to make this kind of product.” or “We want to make the production line more efficient.”
With new ideas and our history in mind, we will contribute to all manufacturers in Japan and abroad as a great assistant of manufacturing industry.

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